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Home > Our history at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Our history at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

We have been exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show since 1971 and in that time we have won 22 RHS gold medals up to 2015.

It is an honour to be at the best flower show in the world; it really does kick off a summer full of events.


Where available, click on a year to see pictures from that year.

Chelsea 2015 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2014 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2013 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2012 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2011 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2010 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2009 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2008 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2007 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2006 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2005 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2004 Silver-Gilt Flora (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2003 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2002 Gold Medal (Click for pictures)
Chelsea 2001 Gold Medal
Chelsea 2000 Silver-Gilt Flora
Chelsea 1999 Gold Medal
Chelsea 1998 Gold Medal
Chelsea 1997 Silver Flora
Chelsea 1996 Gold Medal
Chelsea 1995 Gold Medal
Chelsea 1994 Gold Medal
Chelsea 1993 Silver-Gilt Flora
Chelsea 1992 Gold Medal
Chelsea 1991 Silver Flora
Chelsea 1990 Gold Medal
Chelsea 1989 Gold Medal
Chelsea 1988 Silver-Gilt Flora
Chelsea 1987 Silver-Gilt Banksian
Chelsea 1986 Silver-Gilt Flora
Chelsea 1985 Silver-Gilt Flora
Chelsea 1984 Silver-Gilt Flora
Chelsea 1983 Silver Flora
Chelsea 1982 Silver-Gilt Flora
Chelsea 1981 Silver-Gilt Flora
Chelsea 1980 Silver Flora
Chelsea 1979 Silver Banksian
Chelsea 1978 Bronze Flora
Chelsea 1977 Silver Banksian
Chelsea 1976 Bronze Flora
Chelsea 1974 Bronze Flora
Chelsea 1973 Bronze Flora
Chelsea 1971 Silver Banksian

You can see which events we are attending this year by clicking on 'Events' from the top menu, you can see how we got on at the events by clicking on 'News' from the top menu.

Chelsea 2011 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 2010 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 2009 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 2008 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 2007 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 2006 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 2005 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 2004 SGF Silver Medal
Chelsea 2003 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 2002 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 2001 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 2000 SGF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1999 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 1998 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 1997 SF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1996 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 1995 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 1994 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 1993 SGF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1992 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 1991 SF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1990 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 1989 GM Gold Medal
Chelsea 1988 SGF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1987 SGB Silver Medal
Chelsea 1986 SGF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1985 SGF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1984 SGF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1983 SF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1982 SGF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1981 SGF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1980 SF Silver Medal
Chelsea 1979 SB Silver Medal
Chelsea 1978 F Bronze Medal
Chelsea 1977 SB Silver Medal
Chelsea 1976 F Bronze Medal
Chelsea 1974 F Bronze Medal
Chelsea 1973 F Bronze Medal
Chelsea 1971 SB Silver Medal