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  1. The Chelsea Chop

    The Chelsea Chop

    Normally by now the Roses would have returned from the RHS Chelsea flower show and if they hadn’t already had the Chelsea Chop, then they would be trimmed over the next few weeks.

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  2. Seedlings and hybridising

    Seedlings and hybridising

    On our show plant and hybridising nursery, which is separate and isolated from our main nursery, we are down to a skeleton crew.

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  3. New life is literally springing up everywhere!

    New life is literally springing up everywhere!

    Yes with the warmer weather the rose seed from our hybridizing programme is germinating quickly and this is always a very thrilling period. Each group of seed created by crossing different rose varieties germinates at varying rates and some will not germinate at all.

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  4. Preparing for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020 - 3

    Preparing for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020 - 3

    It’s a hard life being a pampered show plant with no show to go to.

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  5. Preparing for the Chelsea Flower Show - Rose care

    Preparing for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020 - 2: Rose care

    When growing show plants, hygiene and air movement are vitally important. Even at this time of year. So, before the roses are housed, all glasshouses and equipment are fully cleaned.

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  6. Preparing for the Chelsea Flower Show - The start of spring

    Preparing for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020 - 1: The start of spring

    It may be the start of metrological spring, but we have actually been fooling our show plants that it’s been spring for a while now. Currently we have around 2,000 roses under glass in preparation for the RHS Chelsea and Hampton Court Palace Flower Shows.

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  7. Dragonfly in the Wildlife Garden

    The creation of a Wildlife Garden at Peter Beales Roses

     Over the past few years our gardens have been dramatically expanded and improved, with many new structures and features being added.

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  8. Rose Seedlings

    Hybridising Roses - How a Peter Beales rose is bred

    How are new roses created?

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  9. Fantin Latour

    The Truly Classic Rose

    We all have a picture in our minds of how a classic rose garden looks and smells. The masses of beautiful flowers in early summer and the gorgeous scent drifting through the warm summer air.

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  10. Macmillan Nurse

    The Second Flush

    Whilst many people think of June as being the month for roses, September can actually be almost as productive. This is the time that the majority of repeat flowering varieties will produce their second flush of flowers, bringing your garden back to life with a riot of colour in late summer. Flowers produced later in the season can often be stronger and more vibrant in colour than they were in early summer as well, adding further to the enjoyment of the second flush from repeat flowering roses. This is because flowers produced in June can become slightly bleached by the intensity of the scorching mid-summer sun, whereas come September the days and nights have started to become a little cooler, therefore allowing your roses to produce their flowers with more vivid, truer colours. Although your roses will most likely produce slightly fewer flowers for the second flush than they did early in the season.

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