New life is literally springing up everywhere!

Yes with the warmer weather the rose seed from our hybridizing programme is germinating quickly and this is always a very thrilling period. Each group of seed created by crossing different rose varieties germinates at varying rates and some will not germinate at all.

Certain roses only produce sterile seed and once a pattern is noticeable those varieties will be withdrawn from the hybridizing programme. Although sometimes it is only a particular cross that is sterile and when these roses are crossed with a different variety the seed can have a great germination rate.

Rose Seedlings

Currently I am also using an old seed bed to stand container roses on and even after 3 years there is still the odd seed germinating! Although these will normally turn out to be weak seedlings that never make a plant. This delayed germination is a survival technique used by most plants so not all their seed is dependent on one year.

You may have noticed my dog Ginny in a photo or 2 recently on Facebook and my Cat Lucy, who was desperate to outshine her during a video we did on pruning, but I also have 14 geese that I regularly talk to and call my lawn movers. Hopefully this is not a sign that I’m going mad!

The Geese are very good at multitasking and while cutting the grass they also keep away unwanted visitors away, as well as enchanting local school children on their way to school. The best thing about them though has to be soft boiled Goose eggs. Provided I find the eggs before Ginny!

Today the gander was standing guard over 2 of his ladies and that means the first goslings of the year.