Seedlings and hybridising

On our show plant and hybridising nursery, which is separate and isolated from our main nursery, we are down to a skeleton crew.

Just me.

So without the major spring flower shows to look forward to it seems very quiet here at the moment, but the plants keep some kind of normality to life. The seedlings are now growing lovely and hybridising has started. Bringing us full circle.

Rose seedlings

Did you know some roses like Rosa banksiae can only be produced from cutting? These cuttings were moved from modular cells to small pots in late February and will shortly need repotting again.

Rose banksiae cuttings

Even with roses getting a dry feed over winter we weekly liquid feed for strong even growth and any plants looking off colour also get a folia feed with liquid sea weed or similar which can also help against diseases.

I like to think that the plants need their liquid feeds, like we need a cup of coffee for that little lift after a hard day.

Why do we feed weak and weekly and not full strength every other week? Well, the simple answer is I don’t have to remember which week it is. Something that can be a bit of a challenge for all of us at the moment during these crazy times.