Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly

 Over the past few years our gardens have been dramatically expanded and improved, with many new structures and features being added.

One of the recent developments was the addition of our wildlife garden, which was opened in May 2016 and is a fabulous addition to our gardens here in Attleborough, Norfolk.

The wildlife garden is managed in an entirely different way to our main rose gardens, with our gardeners demonstrating a more relaxed and natural approach to maintaining and developing the area.

This new section of garden features two ponds, a wildflower meadow, areas to sit and view birds at several feeding stations, beds of rare and unusual species roses, a woodland walk and a children’s play area.

As well as the main beds of rare and historical roses, you will find many species roses are also planted throughout the wildlife gardens. These roses can be seen growing seamlessly with their surroundings, just as they would be found growing in the wild. Forming hedgerows, growing as individual shrubs amongst other wild plants or growing up into trees or over structures. These species roses are varieties that share their characteristics with wild roses, often producing single flowers that are easily accessible to insects, making them a magnet for pollinators. Many will also go on to produce hips in the autumn, which are not only attractive, but produce a nutritious meal for several species of bird as food sources start to become scarce.

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