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  1. Rose Gardening Calendar

    Rose Gardening Calendar

    A simple month by month guide which can be used as a handy reference tool throughout the year to ensure that your roses will always look their best. JANUARY By the end of the month you should aim to have completed your annual staggered pruning of established Climbers and Ramblers that flower on current seasons wood (Group One). For a guide on how to prune these roses please click here.January is also a good time to plan your summer garden, so ensure you have the most up-to-date catalogues to help inspire you. FEBRUARY Pruning, pruning and more pruning! All established bush and repeat flowering shrubs should receive their annual prune this month. As a general rule bush roses should be reduced down to approximately 5 to 7 buds from the base of the plant and shrub roses should be thinned out, reducing younger stems by a third and older stems cut

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  2. Rose Families Explained

    Rose Families Explained

    There are many different rose families, each with its own characteristics from clusters of small flowers to large shapely blooms and a variety of scents which vary in strength. Below we give a brief description of the many rose families we have available within our extensive rose collection. ALBAS A very old race of roses. The Albas flower in early summer, are almost invariably scented and extremely resistant to disease. Foliage is grey-green and produced abundantly on an upright, vigorous plant which never outgrows its welcome in any garden.   Shop Albas ARVENSIS RAMBLERS Rosa arvensis, ‘The Field Rose’ can be found growing wild in the countryside. Its hybrids have inherited the same vigour of the

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  3. Download How to Guides

    Download How to Guides

    To download/print our how to guides please click on the links below   How to Plant and Prune Roses Guide   

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  4. How to Videos

    How to Videos

    How to plant bare root roses In this short video Ian Limmer, Nursery Manager at Peter Beales Roses offers easy step-by-step advice on how to correctly plant bare root roses.   How to plant container roses This video will guide you through the basics of planting roses bought in pots so that they can establish quickly into your garden and you can enjoy beautiful blooms for many years to come. Don't forget that the most important thing when planting roses during the summer is regular watering!  

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  5. Inspiration


    Roses have many uses and can be used in a variety of different ways to add interest and excitement to your garden. Within this section we look at a few creative ideas which may hopefully inspire you to take rose growing to a new level. MAKE YOUR OWN ROSE HIP TEA Did you know that you can actually make your own rose hip tea?The process is actually very easy and fun to try, plus it’s a great source of vitamin C!During the Second World War, at a time when oranges and other foods high in vitamin C were hard to acquire, schoolchildren were actually given rose hip syrup to keep them healthy. This was something that Peter Beales used to remember vividly telling stories about how he used to collect rose hips from the hedgerows as a boy. To make tea for two you will need 7 large ripe rose hips with the stems removed. Hips from the Rugosa family are the best for this. Just make sure you get your rose hips from a

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  6. The Chelsea Chop

    The Chelsea Chop

    Normally by now the Roses would have returned from the RHS Chelsea flower show and if they hadn’t already had the Chelsea Chop, then they would be trimmed over the next few weeks. “What is the Chelsea Chop?” I hear you all ask. When we break our stand down at the end of the Chelsea Flower Show most of the shrubs and some climbers will be cut down very heavily for ease of transporting them home. Although the big flower shows have been cancelled this year, I have still been doing something similar to invigorate the plants into new growth. This helps to form bushier and hopefully more compact shrub plants. While we aim for more manageable shrubs, this hard prune should also encourage climbers and ramblers into producing lots of long straight stems. Some of the ramblers have already put on nearly 7 ft of new growth!   

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  7. Liverpool Hope - New Rose introduction 2019

    Liverpool Hope - New Rose introduction 2019

    Our newest rose 'Liverpool Hope' was launched during the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Click here to order yours today! On its 175th Anniversary year, Liverpool Hope University renews its commitment to being a ‘garden campus’ that brings beauty into the daily lives of students and staff. Beautiful grounds, vibrant flowered gardens and striking water features are an important part of both its campuses in Liverpool.Hope is the only university included in Tim Richardson’s book ‘The New English Garden’, the definitive survey of this country’s most significant gardens, for the remarkable grounds of its Creative Campus. Indeed being a garden campus is even written into Hope’s corporate plan, and that is why t

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  8. Fragrant Celebration and Ely Cathedral launch

    Fragrant Celebration and Ely Cathedral launch

    Celebrating 50 years of Peter Beales Roses! This year we launched two fabulous new roses that are really something to celebrate, 'Fragrant Celebration' and 'Ely Cathedral'.  During the official press day at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018, Su Pollard, actress and comedienne, kindly agreed to present the first blooms of the Company’s new rose ‘Fragrant Celebration’, to mark Peter Beales Roses 50th year. Also launched durin

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  9. Margaret Greville and Papworth's Pride launch

    Margaret Greville and Papworth's Pride launch

    This year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show we launched two very exciting new roses, 'Papworth's Pride' and 'Margaret Greville'. Papworth’s Pride - Modern Classic Shrub

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  10. Sandringham Rose Launch

    Sandringham Rose Launch

    At this year's Chelsea Flower Show we launched a beautiful addition to our ‘Modern Classic’ range called 'Sandringham' named after the much loved royal residence here in Norfolk. Rachel de Thame kindly presented the first blooms of 'Sandringham' to Martin Woods, Head Gardener of the royal estate.  This exquisite rose was given its name after the annual Sandringham Flower Show in 2014, when His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall were presented with a choice of three new seedlings from our collection. The Duchess of Cor

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