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I think my rose is dying, what can I do?

There are a few common reasons for a rose’s health to suddenly deteriorate...

  1. Lack of water – roses are thirsty plants and need watering regularly. We recommend giving your rose a good soak around the base of the plant to ensure that the water gets to the roots where it is needed most. Roses growing in pots will need watering more than roses growing directly in the ground and may require watering daily during long spells of hot dry weather.
  2. Incorrect planting depth – if a rose is planted too high then the roots can become exposed which will negatively affect the plant's health. It also increases the risk of the plant being rocked by strong winds which can cause the roots to become even more exposed and damaged.
  3. Being planted too close to a tree, wall or other structure – can cause plants to become dehydrated as the tree or wall can draw water away from the rose’s roots.
  4. Being planted where another rose has been growing previously – when this happens a phenomenon known as rose sickness, or specific rose replant disease, can occur. This causes the new rose to become stunted and generally look more and more unhealthy. Rose replant disease can be avoided by refreshing all the surrounding soil. However, to fully avoid the risks quite a large volume of soil should be removed. Ideally, roses should not be planted where another rose has previously been growing for at least 6 years, giving the soil the chance to fully replenish. However, if this isn’t possible then rose replant boxes are available to purchase. These are a really easy way to protect the health of your new rose. To learn more click here.
  5. Using manure that is too fresh – well-rotted manure is an excellent soil improver which can be used as a mulch and mixed in with the compost at the time of planting. However, it must be well-rotted manure. If it is too fresh then it can actually scorch the roots of the rose and cause significant damage to the plant.

If you are worried about the health of your rose then please get in touch with one of our rose experts by sending an email to support@peterbealesroses.com along with a description of the problems you are experiencing and some photos illustrating the issues. We will then be able to get back to you with some advice.

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