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      'Growing Roses with Peter Beales' is the classic rose growers companion. A 45-minute DVD and video which guides you from planting to pruning plus an invaluable guide to the many types of rose you can choose. Join Peter himself as he talks about many of the issues facing gardeners and rose lovers, visits one of Britain's most beautiful rose gardens and puts on a show for the Royal family. 'Growing Roses' is filmed over a year and enchantingly woven together to use either as a reference tool or just for armchair enjoyment.
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      PAPERBACK BOOK by Peter Beales: Rose Petals and Muddy Footprints
        Rose Petals and Muddy Footprints. My Life with roses, by Peter Beales. The story of how Peter Beales Roses came into being is fascinating. This auto-biographical work traces Peter's life from childhood, in rural North Norfolk, through the good and bad times to the present day. It documents his travels around the world in search of roses and brings to life some of the many friends and acquaintances he has made during his life long affair with roses and some of the interesting personalities he has met along the way, making this book an excellent read. With monochrome photo sections. Excerpt from the book: 'Early morning mist hung amongst the trees and several monkeys were sitting watching me with curiosity, some from the trees and others on the walls, scratching themselves. It all seemed very 'Kipling-esque' and I found myself looking into the trees for a tiger.'
      • PAPERBACK BOOK by Peter Beales: Rose Petals and Muddy Footprints
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      2 Results

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