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Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses
Celebrating over 50 years of Roses

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Peter Beales Catalogue 2020/21

Peter Beales Rose CatalogueOur rose catalogue is updated each year and available to order from April. To request a printed version of the catalogue please click here.
Below we have broken down the catalogue into sections for ease of use. To view and download a section please click on the links near the bottom of the page.


Giving a brief insight into the facilities available at our Garden Centre in Attleborough, including our beautiful two-acre display gardens, specialist plant and rose centre, exciting events programme and popular Rosarium Restaurant. As well as information on the cultivation of your rose, our breeding process, recent introductions and  a handy guide to the symbols within the catalogue.

Section 1: Shrub Roses
Old and Modern Shrub Roses encompass many and diverse uses. Generally speaking, they are easy to grow and will tolerate a wide range of soil types and habitat. Many combine beauty of form, perfume and stature while, at the same time, exuding a compelling aura of mystery and romance.

Section 2: Procumbent Roses

Procumbent roses are those that grow broader than tall. They are classified as ‘ground-cover’ roses in most other catalogues. They can fulfil a variety of roles from cascading down banks, filling large beds and under-planting shrubberies. The smaller varieties can be planted to good effect in tubs, hanging baskets and old tree stumps etc. Also, several make good climbing plants for small areas of walls and trellis etc.

 Section 3: Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Roses

We define Modern Bush roses as Modern Hybrid Teas and Floribundas.
Hybrid Teas are easily recognised by their large flowers and pointed buds and are often what people first visualise when thinking about roses. They tend to produce just a single flower on the end of each stem.
Floribundas (cluster roses), they come into their own as bedding roses, when they can give prolonged colour from June until October. Many also make good hedging roses or can be grown individually in a pot on a patio.

Section 4: Species Roses

Collectively, these are the pure roses of nature. Their flowers are usually single and most will bear hips after flowering. They have a variety of garden uses, from the wild garden to mixed shrubberies. All of the other groups of roses have evolved from these by natural means or by man’s manipulation. It should be mentioned that on occasion species roses may take up to three years to flower.

Section 5: Climbing and Rambling Roses
There is often confusion between Climbing and Rambling roses although, generally speaking, both types can be used for much the same purpose. Climbers are better for walls and pergolas, Ramblers good for trellis and arches,  tree climbing and hiding eyesores etc. It must be remembered that all of them will take two or three years to become fully established. If planted in a dry position, they will need plenty of watering in the first few years. It should also be noted that some of the more vigorous scramblers and tree climbers could take up to three years to flower.

Section 6: Patio Shrubs and Climbers. Standard Tree Roses.

Patio roses are very useful for defining edges of beds and borders. The roses are compact, healthy and very floriferous providing good colour impact. Ideal for smaller gardens, balconies and container planting too.
Standard roses, also known as tree roses due to their shape, can be used to dramatic effect within a garden. Often used to define pathways or as an elegant feature to frame doorways. They can be grown both in pots or planted directly into the ground.

Information and Advice

This section provides inspirational advice and ideas on complementary plants, along with cultivation tips and advice on roses. Sundry products to help enhance your garden are also listed along with a general and family group index to guide you to the rose you're looking for. Terms of Business can also be found in this section.

Please be aware that it may take a few minutes to load some sections of the catalogue due to the larger file sizes. 

This catalogue is for reference purposes only and should not be reproduced or used for any other purposes. Peter Beales Roses Ltd owns the rights to all of the information and photographs used within this catalogue. 

Peter Beales Roses Ltd is a registered trademark.

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