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Top Tips for May

- Check your roses regularly for signs of disease & pests. If necessary spray with an insecticide / fungicide to prevent problems every 14 days, but remember to alternate the chemicals to stop the plants from building up a resistance to them.

- Plant up hanging baskets and containers with summer bedding. They will look good and full, ready to burst into colour for summer.

- Continue with the spring clean. Keep the hoe going to get rid of weeds before they take hold.

- As the soil is warming up apply a general fertiliser to beds and borders before adding a mulch such as Levingtons organic manure.

- Tie in new shoots of clematis as they are growing vigorously. This will stop them becoming tangled later on.

- Plant up tomatoes and cucumbers in your glasshouse.

- Many vegetable seeds can be sown this month. Sow in short runs every 2 weeks to ensure a continuous crop.

- Dead-head narcissi and tulips as they go over and sprinkle with a handful of bonemeal or a liquid foliar feed. Leave them to die down naturally.

- Tidy up spring flowering perennials such as pulmonaria. Cut off old foliage, lift and divide clumps and replant.

- May is the last chance to sow lawn seed this spring. Sow thinly onto soil that has a fine tilth. Feed established lawns if you haven’t already done so with Evergreen complete 4 in 1.