Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses   •  Passionate about roses since 1968
Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses
Celebrating over 50 years of Roses
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Here at Peter Beales we believe that roses can be complemented by companion plants. Therefore, we offer a huge range of possibilities to be grown with roses. The choice is quite diverse, from small to tall herbaceous subjects, to deciduous and evergreen shrubs and Trees. You will find that we have an extensive range of perennials, climbers, and shrubs to suit all locations.
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  1. Escallonia Apple Blossom

    From: £11.99

    Bushy, compact, evergreen shrub with dark green, glossy leaves. Pale pink, tubular flowers produced from June to September. Ht.2.5mt(8ft). Learn More
  2. Escallonia Donard Radience

    From: £9.10

    Out of stock

    Vigorous, compact evergreen bearing large, glossy, dark green leaves. brilliant, soft rose-red, chalice-shaped flowers. May to June. Ht.2.5mt.(8ft.). Learn More
  3. Escallonia Gold Carpet

    From: £9.65

    Out of stock

    Low growing evergreen of spreading, compact, habit with golden foliage that turns lime in winter. Many red flowers july to October. Best in sun or part shade and well-drained soil. Very good for containers. Learn More
  4. Escallonia Iveyi

    From: £11.99

    Vigorous, evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green leaves bronzing slightly in winter. Large racemes of fragrant, tubular, white flowers are produced from June to September. Ht.3mt.(10ft.). Learn More
  5. Escallonia laevis Gold Ellen

    From: £10.75

    Out of stock

    Evergreen shrub with yellow leaves splashed green. Dark pink flowers from July to August. Ht.2.5mt.(8ft.). Learn More
  6. Escallonia Red Dream

    From: £11.99

    Out of stock

    Low growing, spreading, evergreen shrub of compact habit with glossy foliage and many pink-red flowers July to October. Grow in sun or part shade and well-drained soil. Wildlife freindly. Good for containers and hedging. Learn More
  7. Hydrangea anomala Winter Surprise (Climbing Hydrangea)

    From: £9.90

    Evergreen, self-clinging climber bearing young green leaves that turn deep red as they mature into autumn. Large heads of white flowers. May to June. Ht.2mt.(7ft.). Learn More
  8. Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle (Sevenbark)

    From: £9.95

    Out of stock

    Deciduous, upright, open shrub with dark green leaves. Huge globes of tightly packed creamy-white, mainly sterile, flowers looking like giant snowballs from July to September. Ht. 2.5mt.(8ft.). Learn More
  9. Hydrangea arborescens Visitation

    From: £9.95

    Upright, deciduous shrub with dark green leaves. Large heads of creamy-white flowers from July to September. Ht.1.5mt.(5ft.). Learn More
  10. Hydrangea macrophylla Great Star Blanc Bleu

    From: £9.75

    Out of stock

    Deciduous shrub with mid-green leaves. Lacecap-type flowers consisting of white sterile, outer florets and blue, fertile, central ones. July to August. Ht.2mt.(6ft.). Learn More
28 Results
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