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Lavandula (Lavender)

Lavenders are well known as being excellent plants for attracting bees, but did you know that they are also great for repelling some pests such as mosquitos! All Lavenders thrive in full sun, but many will also grow happily in partial shade. Lavenders also prefer well-drained neutral to alkali soils.

There are a myriad of different varieties available and the history of these remarkable plants goes back centuries and is absolutely fascinating. It is thought that Lavenders may have first been brought to Britain by the Romans who would have used the herb for its healing properties whilst in battle. It wasn’t just the Romans who used Lavender to treat wounds either. In fact, Lavender was commonly used to dress wounds as late as World War 1 when demand for modern medicine was greater than what was available. The Romans were also aware of Lavender's pest repellent properties, as well as its soothing qualities. Reportedly added to their public baths to make the hot water smell nice, it is thought to be where the name Lavender originated from – Lavare, meaning to wash in Latin. The incredible properties of Lavender became increasingly well-known throughout history and have been used for everything from being added to linen drawers to repel moths, used as a food and even an early toothpaste additive, to being added to toiletries for its calming fragrance and cleansing properties. When growing Lavenders it is important to prune them after flowering to maintain a healthy bushy plant. Lavenders can otherwise become leggy, with weaker growth over time. Cutting back by about a third is recommended and never cut back into old wood, otherwise they may not regenerate. The best time to prune is immediately after flowering so that they have chance to begin putting on new growth before the first frosts. This will also ensure stronger, bushier growth come the following season. With so many reasons to love Lavender, we believe that every garden should have at least one Lavender plant. Or better yet, a Lavender hedge!

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