Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses   •  Passionate about roses since 1968
Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses
Celebrating over 50 years of Roses
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We stock a fantastic range of over 1,100 different types of rose and with over 40 years’ experience we can help you find the perfect rose for the right spot in your garden. From Floribunda (clustered roses) to Hybrid Tea (large flower single stem) through to Chinas, Damasks, Rugosas, Wichuranas and more, there are many families of rose to choose from. Each has its own characteristics from large blooms to smaller clusters or a certain type of scent. Plus with a wide variety of Bush and Shrub roses, Climbers and Ramblers, it is easy to find a rose suitable for your garden, whether you are looking for something to grow up and through an existing tree in a dry shady spot or wanting something to grow on a sunny patio in a pot.
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Roses at the Chelsea Flower Show

12 Results
    Blanchefleur (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Very fragrant
    (Centifolia) Very double, sweetly scented white with occasional pink tints. The plant is of typical Centifolia open habit. Shade tolerant and can be grown in a container. Bred by Vibert.
  • Blanchefleur (Shrub Rose)

    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £16.50

  • Roses
    Macmillan Nurse (Shrub Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Peter Beales Modern Classic
    • Disease Resistant
    (Modern Classic) An excellent little shrub rose with large old-fashioned, rosette style blooms of white occasionally flushed peach, borne in clusters. They are subtly scented and profilic throughout the summer and autumn against dark green, glossy, foliage. Shade tolerant. Perfect for growing in tubs, makes an eye-catching statement if used as a hedge to edge your home. An incredibly healthy and rightly popular rose. Bred by Beales.
  • Macmillan Nurse (Shrub Rose)

    Macmillan Nurse
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £16.50

  • Roses
    Queen's Jubilee Rose (Shrub Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Peter Beales Modern Classic
    • Wildlife Friendly
    (Modern Classic Shrub) This exquisite, healthy, repeat flowering shrub rose produces fully double, scented white blooms flushed with peach, amongst dark green, healthy foliage. Robust growth. A great shrub rose perfect for borders and for growing in pots or as a hedge. Bred by Beales.

    We were thrilled to have worked with Walk England, during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012.
  • Queen's Jubilee Rose (Shrub Rose)

    Queen's Jubilee Rose
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    Rosa altaica (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    (Species) (Pimpinellifolia altaica) A dainty plant both in foliage and growth. Large, single, creamy-white flowers with pronounced rich yellow anthers carried all along the branches in May. These are followed by maroon-purple hips. A valuable early flower
  • Rosa altaica (Shrub Rose)

    Rosa altaica
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £18.50

  • Roses
    Rosa fedtschenkoana (Shrub Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    (Species) Single, white flowers produced all summer on a dense shrub with grey foliage. Hips later.
  • Rosa fedtschenkoana (Shrub Rose)

    Rosa fedtschenkoana
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    Rosa horrida (Shrub Rose)
    • Spring Flowering
  • Rosa horrida (Shrub Rose)

    Rosa horrida
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    Rosa multiflora Watsoniana (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Unique to Peter Beales
    • Little or no thorns
    Unique to us in the UK. (Species) An unsual species with thin, twiggy wood and long, wavy-edged variegated leaves. White flowers minute and single, produced in large panicles followed by small red hips.
  • Rosa multiflora Watsoniana (Shrub Rose)

    Rosa multiflora Watsoniana
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £18.50

  • Roses
    Rosa omeiensis pteracantha (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    (Species) 'Rosa sericea pteracantha' Delicate fern-like foliage. Spectacular thorns which are translucent on the upright young shoots and glow like rubies in the morning and evening light. The flowers, small, single and white are followed by red hips.
  • Rosa omeiensis pteracantha (Shrub Rose)

    Rosa omeiensis pteracantha
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    Rosa pimpinellifolia (Shrub Rose)
    • Spring Flowering
    (Species) 'Rosa spinosissima'. Burnet rose. A charming, single flowered variety growing to 3' and bearing masses of creamy-white flowers followed by blackish hips. Of great antiquity.
  • Rosa pimpinellifolia (Shrub Rose)

    Rosa pimpinellifolia
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    Rosa wichurana (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    (Species) Corymbs of fragrant, pinkish-white single flowers on a dense shrub of long, slender shoots, it forms a good, prostrate ground-cover plant, semi-evergreen.
  • Rosa wichurana (Shrub Rose)

    Rosa wichurana
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    Rosa x dupontii (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    (Species) A tall, pale green bush with early, single, off-white to pink flowers. Possibly as early as 1596. Good hips. Scented. Beautiful coronet of stamens.
  • Rosa x dupontii (Shrub Rose)

    Rosa x dupontii
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    Rosa x Paulii (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    (Species) A prostrate, ground-cover plant with thorny banches and large single, white flowers.
  • Rosa x Paulii (Shrub Rose)

    Rosa x Paulii
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

12 Results

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