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Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses
Celebrating over 50 years of Roses

Bare Root Roses

Bare root roses are available to order at any time of year, but will not be delivered until the bare root season which usually runs between November 1st and March 31st, but is weather dependent. During the winter months roses enter into a dormant state, so can be safely lifted and sold as bare root plants. Traditionally this has always been thought to be the prime time for purchasing and planting roses, as a rose planted during this dormant period will have time to put down a strong root system, before concentrating their energy into flower production during the summer months. The choice of variety is also greater with bare root roses.
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Roses at the Chelsea Flower Show

2 Results
    Liverpool Hope (Shrub Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Peter Beales Modern Classic
    • Unique to Peter Beales
    • Disease Resistant
    (Modern Classic Shrub) Unique to us in the UK. The beautiful young Hybrid Tea style blooms, emerge from clusters of bright orange, plump buds. Opening to fully double apricot-yellow blooms, with warm apricot centres that gradually lighten to yellow and apricot blends on the outer petals. Strong fruity fragrance and plentiful, glossy foliage. Tolerant of poorer soils. Equally impressive grown in a pot or as a hedge. Bred by Beales.

    Hope is the only university included in Tim Richardson’s book ‘The New English Garden’, the definitive survey of this country’s most significant gardens, for the remarkable grounds of its Creative Campus. Indeed being a garden campus is even written into Hope’s corporate plan, and that is why the unique creation of a rose bearing the University’s name is so important.
  • Liverpool Hope (Shrub Rose)

    Liverpool Hope
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    Papworth's Pride (Shrub Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Very fragrant
    • Peter Beales Modern Classic
    • Disease Resistant
    (Modern Classic Shrub) A medium sized shrub bearing clusters of large raspberry-red, intensely perfumed, peony style flowers, that unfold to reveal bright yellow anthers that are an absolute magnet to insects, with bright glossy mid-green foliage. Hardy and tolerant of shade. Looks magnificent planted en masse, in the middle of a herbaceous border or grown simply in a tub as a specimen plant to enhance a patio or paved area. Bred by Beales.

    This exquisite addition to our Modern Classic collection, was launched for the charity Papworth Trust in 2017.
  • Papworth's Pride (Shrub Rose)

    Papworth's Pride
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

2 Results

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