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Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses
Celebrating over 50 years of Roses

Bare Root Roses

Bare root roses are available to order at any time of year, but will not be delivered until the bare root season which usually runs between November 1st and March 31st, but is weather dependent. During the winter months roses enter into a dormant state, so can be safely lifted and sold as bare root plants. Traditionally this has always been thought to be the prime time for purchasing and planting roses, as a rose planted during this dormant period will have time to put down a strong root system, before concentrating their energy into flower production during the summer months. The choice of variety is also greater with bare root roses.
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Roses at the Chelsea Flower Show

2 Results
    Mme. Sancy de Parabère (Rambling Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Little or no thorns
    (Boursault) Large, double, saucer-shaped flowers with ragged edges of deep lavender pink. Fragrant. Long, arching canes. Thornless. Flowering early in the season.
  • Mme. Sancy de Parabère (Rambling Rose)

    Mme. Sancy de Parabère
    (Rambling Rose)

    From: £17.95

  • Roses
    Morletti (Rambling Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Little or no thorns
    (Boursault) Beautiful thornless arching branches with dark green foliage and stems. Large, semi-double, magenta-pink blooms. Ragged when open.
  • Morletti (Rambling Rose)

    (Rambling Rose)

    From: £16.95

2 Results

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