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Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses
Celebrating over 50 years of Roses
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Bare Root Roses

Bare root roses are available to order at any time of year, but will not be delivered until the bare root season which usually runs between November 1st and March 31st, but is weather dependent. During the winter months roses enter into a dormant state, so can be safely lifted and sold as bare root plants. Traditionally this has always been thought to be the prime time for purchasing and planting roses, as a rose planted during this dormant period will have time to put down a strong root system, before concentrating their energy into flower production during the summer months. The choice of variety is also greater with bare root roses.
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Roses at the Chelsea Flower Show

9 Results
    Purezza (Rosa banksiae Purezza) (Rambling Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Little or no thorns
    Tiny creamy white semi-double, healthy rose for warm sheltered positions. Larger more open flowers than 'Rosa banksiae alba plena', but less flowers per flush. Very similar to 'fortuniana' but with no thorns.

  • Purezza (Rosa banksiae Purezza) (Rambling Rose)
  • Roses
    Rosa banksiae alba plena (Rambling Rose)
    • Spring Flowering
    • Little or no thorns
    (Species) Clusters of double, white, scented flowers produced in profusion on a vigorous, thornless, well foliated plant.
  • Rosa banksiae alba plena (Rambling Rose)
  • Roses
    Rosa banksiae lutea (Rambling Rose)
    • Spring Flowering
    • Garden Merit Award
    • Little or no thorns
    (Species) This interesting rose of Chinensis origin needs a sunny but sheltered wall to be at its best when it will reach considerable height. The large trusses of pale yellow double flowers are usually all over by mid June.
  • Rosa banksiae lutea (Rambling Rose)

    Rosa banksiae lutea
    (Rambling Rose)

    From: £17.95

  • Roses
    Rosa banksiae lutescens (Rambling Rose)
    • Spring Flowering
    • Little or no thorns
    (Species) Diameter of the yellow flowers is larger than lutea but single and more sweetly scented. Foliage is similar but young shoots and leaves are copper tinted.
  • Rosa banksiae lutescens (Rambling Rose)

    Rosa banksiae lutescens
    (Rambling Rose)

    From: £17.95

  • Roses
    Rosa banksiae normalis (Rambling Rose)
    • Spring Flowering
    • Little or no thorns
    Flowers are white and single, foliage light green and plentiful, stems free of thorns. Not fully hardy.
  • Rosa banksiae normalis (Rambling Rose)

    Rosa banksiae normalis
    (Rambling Rose)

    From: £17.95

  • Roses
    Rosa Cymosa (Climbing Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Wildlife Friendly
    • Little or no thorns
    Small, white single flowers in corymbs. long tinted foliage with small, round, red hips in the Autumn. closely related to 'Rosa Banksiae' but has a few thorns. occasionally repeats.
  • Rosa Cymosa (Climbing Rose)

    Rosa Cymosa
    (Climbing Rose)

    From: £17.95

  • Roses
    Rosa multiflora (Rambling Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Little or no thorns
    (Species) Masses of single, creamy-white flowers in large trusses on a vigorous, comparatively thornless plant with shiny foliage. An ancient rose.
  • Rosa multiflora (Rambling Rose)

    Rosa multiflora
    (Rambling Rose)

    From: £16.95

  • Roses
    Rosa multiflora cathayensis (Rambling Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Unique to Peter Beales
    • Little or no thorns
    Unique to us in the UK. (Species) A semi-vigorous climber with large clusters of pale pink, single flowers.
  • Rosa multiflora cathayensis (Rambling Rose)
  • Roses
    Rosa x l'heritierana (Rambling Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Little or no thorns
    (Species) Upright growing reddish purple canes with blue-grey serrated foliage, loosely double flowers of pinkish-red to off white.
  • Rosa x l'heritierana (Rambling Rose)

    Rosa x l'heritierana
    (Rambling Rose)

    From: £16.95

9 Results

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