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Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses
Celebrating over 50 years of Roses

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are ideal for growing against a wall of a house and often produce large shapely flowers. Unlike many ramblers, most climbers will also repeat flower, providing colour throughout the summer months. Smaller climbers can also be grown in pots making them great for patios and smaller gardens. We recommend planting Clematis alongside Climbing Roses to extend the flowering period. Also, by choosing colours that complement each other an otherwise dull and lifeless area can be transformed into an eye-catching focal point.
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Mme Gregoire Staechelin Climbing Roses

4 Results
    Bouquet d'Or (Climbing Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    (Noisette) Coppery-yellow shapely double flowers. Slightly scented. Vigorous.
  • Bouquet d'Or (Climbing Rose)

    Bouquet d'Or
    (Climbing Rose)

    From: £16.95

  • Roses
    Céline Forestier (Climbing Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Very fragrant
    (Noisette) Large double flowers of lemon to pale primrose borne amid abundant, healthy, light green foliage. Well scented.

  • Céline Forestier (Climbing Rose)

    Céline Forestier
    (Climbing Rose)

    From: £16.45

  • Roses
    Claire Jacquier (Climbing Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Little or no thorns
    (Noisette) A very good rose with considerable prowess as a climber. Well foliated. The flowers are shapely, of a rich eggy-yellow colour and exude a pleasing perfume.
  • Claire Jacquier (Climbing Rose)

    Claire Jacquier
    (Climbing Rose)

    From: £16.95

  • Roses
    Maréchal Niel (Climbing Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Little or no thorns
    (Noisette) Fragrant, golden-yellow flowers emerging from shapely, pointed buds, highly scented. Needs a greenhouse or a warm sheltered position to thrive.
  • Maréchal Niel (Climbing Rose)

    Maréchal Niel
    (Climbing Rose)

    From: £17.95

4 Results

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