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Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses
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Container Roses

Over the years buying roses in containers has become increasingly popular due to the appeal of being able to achieve instant colour within your garden. Containerised roses are planted into 4lt pots during the winter months, whilst the roses are dormant, they are available at any time of year and are usually dispatched within 7-10 days. If a container rose is purchased in the spring, we recommend that it is left within it's pot until mid-summer to give the roots time to bind with the surrounding soil. Roses planted in the summer must be watered daily until they have had sufficient time for their roots to become established.

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Roses at the Chelsea Flower Show

7 Results
    Amelia (aka Amélie) (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Very fragrant
    (Damask) This exquisite rose produces large, heavily scented, semi-double pink flowers with pronounced golden anthers and grey-green foliage. Often confused with and grown as the Damask 'Celsiana'. This rose adapts itself well if used for hedging or left wild to grow within a woodland area. Known in France as 'Amélie'. Bred by Vibert.
  • Amelia (aka Amélie) (Shrub Rose)

    Amelia (aka Amélie)
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £16.45

  • Roses
    Belle Amour (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    (Damask/Alba cross) Rich yellow stamens framed by cupped petals of coral pink. Unusual scent.
  • Belle Amour (Shrub Rose)

    Belle Amour
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £16.45

  • Roses
    Ispahan (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Garden Merit Award
    (Damask) This rose flowers for a long season when compared to others of its group. Semi-double, bright pink flowers which hold their colour well. Attractive foliage.
  • Ispahan (Shrub Rose)

    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £16.45

  • Roses
    Kazanlik (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Very fragrant
    (Damask) 'Trigintipetala'. A vigorous rose with soft textured petals of warm pink. Very highly scented. Ideal for pot pourri.
  • Kazanlik (Shrub Rose)

    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £15.45

  • Roses
    Léda (Painted Damask) (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Very fragrant
    (Damask) 'Painted Damask'. Blush pink, double flowers with interesting crimson markings on the edges of the petals. A tidy, compact plant.
  • Léda (Painted Damask) (Shrub Rose)

    Léda (Painted Damask)
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.95

  • Roses
    Mme. Hardy (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Garden Merit Award
    • Very fragrant
    (Damask) One of the outstanding old garden roses, elegant in growth and sumptuous in bloom, being very double and well formed with incurved centres, of almost pure white around a green button eye. Very fragrant. Bred by Hardy.

  • Mme. Hardy (Shrub Rose)

    Mme. Hardy
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £15.45

  • Roses
    Quatre Saisons (Shrub Rose)
    • Repeat Flowering
    • Very fragrant
    (Damask) 'Rosa damascena bifera'. This very old rose has full, double, cupped and quartered flowers of clear silvery pink. It is most useful for its repeat flowering in the late summer. It is also highly scented. One of the oldest roses.
  • Quatre Saisons (Shrub Rose)

    Quatre Saisons
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £15.45

7 Results

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