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Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses
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Hybrid Teas

Hybrid Tea roses are easily recognised by their large flowers and pointed buds and are often what people first visualise when thinking about roses. Unlike Floribunda roses which produce clusters of flowers, Hybrid Tea roses tend to produce just a single flower on the end of each stem. Like many modern garden roses Hybrid Teas also have a long flowering period, from early summer until the first frosts of autumn and will benefit from annual pruning and regular feeding with a good rose fertilizer in early spring, early summer and fortnightly liquid feeds throughout the flowering period.
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Twice in a Blue Moon Hybrid Tea Roses

10 Results
  1. Grace Darling (Bush Rose)

    From: £18.50

    (Hybrid Tea) Shapely, creamy-white fragrant flowers shaded with pink. Moderately vigorous. Learn More
  2. Ice Cream (Bush Rose)

    From: £13.50

    (Hybrid Tea) Large, spicy scented, fully double, white blooms, amidst copper leaves that mature to a glossy dark green. Learn More
  3. Isn't She Lovely (Bush Rose)

    From: £13.50

    (Hybrid Tea) Creamy-gold pointed buds, opening to large, double, high centred, with pink and golden tones in the middle and a good fragrance. Learn More
  4. Mrs Herbert Stevens (Climbing Rose)

    From: £17.50

    (Climbing Hybrid Tea) A lovely white variety to be found in many old gardens because of its stamina. Fragrant and vigorous. Learn More
  5. Pascali (Bush Rose)

    From: £13.50

    (Hybrid Tea) A shapely, free flowering, creamy-white, borne on strong stems amid attractive foliage. An outstanding rose. Learn More
  6. Polar Star (Bush Rose)

    From: £13.50

    (Hybrid Tea) (Best of the Best 1985). Shapely, full blooms of pure white. Slightly scented. Vigorous and healthy with dark green foliage. Excellent for cut flowers. Learn More
  7. Remember (Bush Rose)

    From: £13.50

    (Hybrid Tea) A pale creamy-white tinted pink hybrid tea with double blooms, continuously flowering all summer. Learn More
  8. Silver Anniversary (Bush Rose)

    From: £13.50

    Beautifully formed large, white double, scented blooms. Semi-glossy light green foliage on a tidy plant. Learn More
  9. Silver Anniversary (Modern Standard Rose)

    From: £32.50

    Out of stock

    Large white blooms. Semi glossy light green foliage. Learn More
  10. White Wings (Shrub Rose)

    From: £18.50

    Out of stock

    (Hybrid Tea) This lovely, single rose has large papery flowers of white with pronounced, chocolate anthers. Foliage is leathery and dark green. Learn More
10 Results

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