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Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses
Celebrating over 50 years of Roses

Shrub Roses

Rediscover the romance of roses with our collection of old and modern shrub roses. Many combine perfume, beautifully formed blooms and good health and are useful for a diverse range of situations. They are also generally easy to grow and will tolerate a wide variety of conditions and soil types. Shrub roses are perfect for growing individually in garden borders, planted in threes to give an even greater wow factor or planted en masse to create a truly sensational display. Some taller shrub roses can even be trained to grow as small climbers.
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Dunwich Rose

9 Results
  1. Blanc Double de Coubert (Shrub Rose)

    From: £15.45

    Out of stock

    (Rugosa) Beautiful, pure white, semi-double, papery blooms with a very strong scent. Sets hips intermittently. Learn More
  2. Ely Cathedral (Shrub Rose)

    From: £16.45

    A very healthy repeat flowering modern shrub rose that produces attractive multi-headed displays of fully double, ruffled, pillar-box red blooms. Perfect for a mixed border. Bred by Peter Beales Roses Learn More
  3. Flanders Rose (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.95

    Compact robust and rudely healthy. With clusters of almost perfect buttonhole-like blooms, the ruby-red flowers open to reveal an eye-catching coronet of bright yellow anthers, that pollinating insects are instinctively drawn too. Learn More
  4. Jacqueline du Pré (Shrub Rose)

    From: £15.45

    (Modern Shrub) Large bluish-white, semi-double rose with prominent golden-red stamens. Delicious musk scent. The blooms are freely produced on a strong growing shrub with abundant dark green foliage. Learn More
  5. La Villa cotta (Shrub Rose)

    From: £16.95

    (Modern Shrub) Rich copper orange, old fashioned blooms, with strong pink edges. Bushy growth and lightly scented. Long flowering period. Excellent disease resistance. Learn More
  6. Macmillan Nurse (Shrub Rose)

    From: £15.45

    (Modern Shrub) This rose is a perfect alternative to Winchester Cathedral which we no longer stock. An excellent little shrub rose with large old-fashioned rosette style blooms of white occasionally flushed peach. Learn More
  7. Papworth's Pride (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.95

    An exquisite addition to our modern Classic collection, bearing clusters of large raspberry-red, peony style flowers that unfold to reveal bright yellow anthers that are an absolute magnet to insects. Intensely perfumed with bright glossy mid-green foliage, this medium sized shrub looks magnificent planted en masse, in the middle of a herbaceous border or grown simply in a tub as a specimen plant to enhance a patio or paved area. Learn More
  8. Pearl Drift (Shrub Rose)

    From: £15.45

    (Modern Shrub) Semi-double, small, whitish-pink flowers massed amid glossy foliage. Learn More
  9. The Churchill Rose (Shrub Rose)

    From: £16.45

    (Modern Shrub) A stunning free flowering shrub rose with a lovely perfume and large, cupped semi-double to double blooms of a beautiful and unique shade of apricot. It is very healthy and has abundant mid green glossy foliage, with attractive maroon edging on young growth. Learn More
9 Results

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