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Celebrating over 50 years of Peter Beales Roses
Celebrating over 50 years of Roses
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Shrub Roses

Rediscover the romance of roses with our collection of old and modern shrub roses. Many combine perfume, beautifully formed blooms and good health and are useful for a diverse range of situations. They are also generally easy to grow and will tolerate a wide variety of conditions and soil types. Shrub roses are perfect for growing individually in garden borders, planted in threes to give an even greater wow factor or planted en masse to create a truly sensational display. Some taller shrub roses can even be trained to grow as small climbers.
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Dunwich Rose

8 Results
    Complicata (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Wildlife Friendly
    (Gallica) Large arching branches which bear flat, single flowers of bright pink and gold stamens, all along their length in mid June. Very vigorous and plentiful, foliage. Hardy. An exceptional shrub and good on light sandy soils. Effective as a pillar or climbing rose. Of unknown origin, pre 1900.
  • Complicata (Shrub Rose)

    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    Duchesse de Montebello (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Garden Merit Award
    (Gallica) The fragrant, fully double flowers are a soft, powdery pink, produced on a tidy, upright plant with good foliage. Tolerant of poorer soils and shade. Suitable to be planted in a container. This is a lovely member of the Gallica group. Bred by Laffay.
  • Duchesse de Montebello (Shrub Rose)

    Duchesse de Montebello
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    Gloire de France (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Garden Merit Award
    • Very fragrant
    • Little or no thorns
    (Gallica) Highly fragrant, very double, medium sized, pale pink flowers produced in great profusion. Tolerant of poorer soils and shade. Most useful as a low-growing slightly spreading or cascading variety, alternatively can be grown in a container. A tough and beautiful old rose. Bred by Bizard.
  • Gloire de France (Shrub Rose)

    Gloire de France
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    La Belle Sultane (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Wildlife Friendly
    (Gallica) 'Gallica Violacea'. Violet purple, semi-single blooms on a tall upright bush. Unknown date and origin but of considerable antiquity. Tolerant of poorer soils and of shade. Could be used as a hedge. Unknown breeder.
  • La Belle Sultane (Shrub Rose)

    La Belle Sultane
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £18.50

  • Roses
    Rosa gallica officinalis (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Garden Merit Award
    • Wildlife Friendly
    • Little or no thorns
    (Gallica) 'Red Rose of Lancaster' 'The Apothecary's Rose'. The flowers are scented, semi-double, light crimson in colour, borne all over a showy, erect yet bushy growth, in June. Tolerant of poorer soils and shade. Suitable to be planted in a container or as a hedge. Of unknown origin, dating to pre 1200.

    In the Middle Ages its scent-retaining properties were much valued by apothecaries - hence it is also known as ‘The Apothecary’s Rose’.
  • Rosa gallica officinalis (Shrub Rose)

    Rosa gallica officinalis
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £16.50

  • Roses
    Rosa Mundi (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Garden Merit Award
    • Little or no thorns
    (Gallica) 'Rosa gallica versicolour'. A striking and very old, bushy rose. The large, semi-double blooms have splashes of pink and white on a crimson background. Hardy. Will bare ornamental hips if left undeadheaded. Tolerant of poorer soils and shade. Can be planted in a container or as a hedge.

    Said to be named after Fair Rosamund, mistress of Henry II. Unknown origin circa 12th century.
  • Rosa Mundi (Shrub Rose)

    Rosa Mundi
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £16.50

  • Roses
    Scharlachglut (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    • Wildlife Friendly
    (Gallica) 'Scarlet Fire'. An outstanding handsome, hardy shrub bearing an abundance of large, rich, scarlet-crimson single flowers with pronounced golden stamens. Large urn-shaped hips carried throughout most of the winter. Tolerant of poorer soils and of shade. Suitable for group planting in woodland and can be trained as a small climber. Bred by Kordes.
  • Scharlachglut (Shrub Rose)

    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

  • Roses
    Sissinghurst Castle (Shrub Rose)
    • Summer Flowering
    (Gallica) 'Rose des Maures'. Undoubtedly an old scented rose of rich, deep purple-crimson purple. An upright plant with semi-double blooms produced in good quantity in early to mid summer. Tolerant of poorer soils and of the shade. Suitable to be used in a container or as a hedge. An old Gallica worth saving from extinction. Unknown origin, but re-introduced in 1947.
  • Sissinghurst Castle (Shrub Rose)

    Sissinghurst Castle
    (Shrub Rose)

    From: £17.50

8 Results

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