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20% off all bare root roses with discount code FEB20

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Dark Pink - Species (Wild Roses)

Species roses are the original wild or pure roses of nature. The coronet of stamens that the majority of species have are a magnet to pollinating insects and once the flowers are spent they are followed by fleshy hips of all shapes, sizes and colours.

Hips are also a good food source for many different species of birds, as well as providing excellent nesting environments. Species roses are therefore a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to attract more wildlife into their garden. Species roses have a variety of different growing habits which is why they are so versatile. Some grow to be giant climbers that can be used to great effect, whilst tall stiff arching shrubs can create structure and a focal point to a mixed border. Smaller shrubs can be used to form a dense thicket ideal if you want to create a natural hedge.

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