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 Are you a beginner to gardening or just feeling daunted by the choice of roses that we have to offer? If so, our rose collections are designed to help. Our knowledgeable rosarians have carefully selected the roses within the following collections, knowing they are ideal varieties for the following situations and requirements.


The ‘Starter Shrub’ Rose Collection
Individual cost £43.25; as collection £36.00

Starter Shrub Rose Collection

If you are new to gardening and would love to grow roses, these three roses are a must. They are robust, repeat flowering and very easy to maintain.


The ‘Fragrant’ Rose Collection
Individual cost £43.25; as collection £36.00

Fragrant Rose Collection

These roses have been chosen because of their beautiful, fragrant, repeat flowering blooms. They lend themselves well to different aspects within the garden and are very easy to maintain. 


The ‘Victorian’ Rose Collection
Individual cost £42.25; as collection £34.50

Victorian Rose Collection

These old fashioned shrub roses were very popular in the Victorian era, chosen for their classic style blooms, lovely fragrance and abundance of flowers. These roses are some of the best from this era.


The ‘Small Garden’ Rose Collection
Individual cost £39.25; as collection £34.50

Small Garden Rose CollectionThese three roses are perfect for gardens where space is limited, whether you have a small border to fill, or would like to brighten a terrace or patio area with roses grown in pots or tubs.


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