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Maintaining Climbing and Rambling Roses Workshop

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Climbing and Rambling Roses can add a real wow factor to any garden, but if left, they can very easily start to look untidy. This morning workshop aims to give you the confidence to keep them under control.

Maintaining Climbing and Rambling Roses Worshshop

Wednesday 16th August 2017  10am - 12.30pm

By late summer climbing and especially rambling roses would have typically put on a lot of new growth. They can send out shoots high into the air, which if left alone can look untidy, as well as putting the rose at risk of damage from high winds. During this morning workshop, one of our knowledgeable Rosarians will guide you through how to tie in your climbing and rambling roses to ensure that you get the most out of them. As well as looking tidier, a well trained rose will produce more flowers the following year and this is definitely a skill worth learning.

£19.95 per person
Includes morning coffee and bacon bap
(or vegetarian equivalent).

To book tickets please call 01953 454707 (option 5) or email